Friday, January 25, 2013

No longer a stay at home mom!

I haven't wrote a post in a while. I've been all over the place the last few weeks. I submitted my resume to a school with the idea that I wouldn't hear anything back for a while. I guess a while is less than twelve hours. The school called to set up an interview the next morning. Day after that I received a call offering me the position! 40 hours of training and workshops this week and two days next week then I am off on my own.

It is so nice to be working in a school again. Can't beat working 7-3... even though it's almost an hour drive each way. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Working at a residential school for children will be an exhausting learning experience. I am looking forward to all of the great things I will be learning from my students. ( Already learned a few signs to add to my collection sign language box. If you need to tell someone "I like bread" I'm the lady to ask! I learned how to sign "like" today. So I can officially sign a complete sentence that isn't a command     :-)  Now I want to take classes to learn more)

The downside to working during the day while Joe is working at night is that we NEVER see each other. I really haven't had a conversation with him since Wednesday and I only see Olivia for a few hours before she is fast asleep for the night. As much as I miss my family I know it will be better for all of us in the long run.

How do you moms deal with going back to work?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Am I Mom Enough?

Am I Mom enough?

That is such a tough question that I am sure many moms battle with.

 We see moms on TV that fit right back into their size 2 skinny jeans just weeks after popping their precious child out. Most women are lucky if they can fit back into size 10 let alone 2~! Real moms that happen to juggle work, family life, and keeping a perfectly tidy home while making brownies for the PTA meeting are not real moms... are they? Please tell me they are just the moms that we see everyday on TV and in tabloids!

I just hope that I can raise a child that understands that:
  1.  Books are made of paper and not  E-Readers
  2. I am not perfect and neither is she
  3. Mom and Dad had lives before baby and will have lives during and after baby
  4. Baby will not ALWAYs be the center of our universe
  5. Old people are pretty cool... listen to them.. they have stories that we could never imagine
  6. Enjoyment is not just from materialistic things... small things count BIG TIME
Check out this article on for more of AM I MOM ENOUGH?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

FINALLY! The Holidays Are Over!


It is such a relief that the holidays are over. I love spending time with family but, anything over two days drives me crazy and we were in Connecticut for five days. Talk about family overload! We were planning on leaving on Wednesday but as we were driving we realized that we were heading straight into the snow storm!!!!. Us stubborn New Englanders thought we would be fine until it took us 45 minutes to travel a distance that normally only takes 15!! So we had to turn around. Oh well.. more unpacking the car in the snow and dragging Olivia's pack and play, food, diapers, and clothes back up the stairs. How can one two foot long baby have so much stuff?

Now that we are home I have undecorated the and it is back almost back to normal. I'm still catching up on laundry ( which reminds me I should change over the clothes now) :-(

Since we have been home I triend out a new recipes for dinner. I must admit I love the ease of crockpot meals and when I saw the recipe for Honey Apple Pork Loin I was sold. I found it on pintrist but, it is from a crossfit paleo diet blog. It was a super easy meal and I happened to have everything for it on hand already. Joe and I loved it! So much that I will be taking the lazy route tonight and having it for dinner again.

I highly suggest trying it out!



Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!

Joe, Olivia and I made the long ride down to Bridgeport Connecticut on Saturday when he got out of work. It took a tad over three hours to get here. Thankfully, I had a few drinks at the restaurant before we left which made the trip long haul a bit more tolerable.

Since we have been down here we have been relaxing and Joe has been doing some last minute shopping. We (  the three of us, Joe's parents who flew up from Florida, and his grandparents) decided to go out to dinner last night.

I searched Google and discovered Bin 100 in Milford, CT. They had a great pre-fixed menu-- which four of us order from. Four courses for $32-- you cant beat that!  And to top it all off they have everyone a complimentary after dinner drink when they dropped the check off. Lucky for me Joe and his mom don't drink so I had THREE  :-) If you ever check out the restaurant ask for Paulo, he was great!

  Alcohol always makes the holidays better... especially when you are with inlaws family... .  Agreed?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Sweet Sound of Nothing

This is perfect... the Christmas lights are on. THATS IT! It is so relaxing sitting here with the candles in the windows and the twinkle lights on the tree reflecting on the gifts. No noise!!!!! Olivia is sucking on her thumb fast asleep in her room and Joe is out Christmas shopping. I could be starting dinner right now but, why interupt the peace?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back From R.I.

After a relaxing weekend in Rhode Island we are back at home.

Sunday, the three of us went for a walk through my dad's neighborhood . Then later in the afternoon my stepbrother and his family came over. We celebrated Christmas early with a nice lunch, Christmas music and some gift opening. Olivia had a great time hanging out with her cousins and the dog Patience.  

Olivia, Jordan, Duncan,Devin, and Liam

Olivia as a Reindeer

My cheesecake that I made must have been good wonderful because there was only one piece left this morning.

Yesterday, we did some shopping  and grabbed some lunch at  the Cuban Revolution. It was so nice to have lunch at a restaurant that has both character and good food.  Places like that are hard very hard to find up here in N.H. I really miss the restaurants in Rhode Island  so Joe and I try to make an effort to go out to eat every time we are down visiting.

Hopefully we can make a trip down to use another dining card that was given to us from The Tiny Hummingbird. Thanks Tara!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Chocolate Is Always a Good Thing

After Joe gets out of work tomorrow we are loading up the Subaru and taking the two hour drive down to my Dad's house in R.I. We are going to be having an early x-mas because the three of us will be in C.T. for Christmas.

We are going to be having a Feast of 7 Fish or something like that on Sunday. My stepmom is Italian and I guess they do fish for Christmas. Since my cooking is sub-par I decided to contribute by making dessert. I can't ruin that mess that up too bad.... Right? So I set out to find a chessecake that doesnt have a typical crust. Joe can't stand crust on any dessert so thankfully I found a recipe that uses Oreos as a crust :-) 

I used Oreos, Bakers Chocolate and three boxes of  Philidelphia Cream Cheese.  I took pictures to prove that I did it but, for some odd reason my pictures won't upload. 

So here is a picture of Olivia while I was baking. She is such a great helper!

Hopefully, this dessert is edible on Sunday... or my family is nice enough to nibble on it if it's terrible. I guess I won't know until Sunday.
I guess I should go vacuum up the glitter from the carpet so it looks like I was  productive somewhat productive while he has been working a double today.
Happy Weekend!