Friday, December 7, 2012

Chocolate Is Always a Good Thing

After Joe gets out of work tomorrow we are loading up the Subaru and taking the two hour drive down to my Dad's house in R.I. We are going to be having an early x-mas because the three of us will be in C.T. for Christmas.

We are going to be having a Feast of 7 Fish or something like that on Sunday. My stepmom is Italian and I guess they do fish for Christmas. Since my cooking is sub-par I decided to contribute by making dessert. I can't ruin that mess that up too bad.... Right? So I set out to find a chessecake that doesnt have a typical crust. Joe can't stand crust on any dessert so thankfully I found a recipe that uses Oreos as a crust :-) 

I used Oreos, Bakers Chocolate and three boxes of  Philidelphia Cream Cheese.  I took pictures to prove that I did it but, for some odd reason my pictures won't upload. 

So here is a picture of Olivia while I was baking. She is such a great helper!

Hopefully, this dessert is edible on Sunday... or my family is nice enough to nibble on it if it's terrible. I guess I won't know until Sunday.
I guess I should go vacuum up the glitter from the carpet so it looks like I was  productive somewhat productive while he has been working a double today.
Happy Weekend!

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