Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!

Joe, Olivia and I made the long ride down to Bridgeport Connecticut on Saturday when he got out of work. It took a tad over three hours to get here. Thankfully, I had a few drinks at the restaurant before we left which made the trip long haul a bit more tolerable.

Since we have been down here we have been relaxing and Joe has been doing some last minute shopping. We (  the three of us, Joe's parents who flew up from Florida, and his grandparents) decided to go out to dinner last night.

I searched Google and discovered Bin 100 in Milford, CT. They had a great pre-fixed menu-- which four of us order from. Four courses for $32-- you cant beat that!  And to top it all off they have everyone a complimentary after dinner drink when they dropped the check off. Lucky for me Joe and his mom don't drink so I had THREE  :-) If you ever check out the restaurant ask for Paulo, he was great!

  Alcohol always makes the holidays better... especially when you are with inlaws family... .  Agreed?

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