Wednesday, January 2, 2013

FINALLY! The Holidays Are Over!


It is such a relief that the holidays are over. I love spending time with family but, anything over two days drives me crazy and we were in Connecticut for five days. Talk about family overload! We were planning on leaving on Wednesday but as we were driving we realized that we were heading straight into the snow storm!!!!. Us stubborn New Englanders thought we would be fine until it took us 45 minutes to travel a distance that normally only takes 15!! So we had to turn around. Oh well.. more unpacking the car in the snow and dragging Olivia's pack and play, food, diapers, and clothes back up the stairs. How can one two foot long baby have so much stuff?

Now that we are home I have undecorated the and it is back almost back to normal. I'm still catching up on laundry ( which reminds me I should change over the clothes now) :-(

Since we have been home I triend out a new recipes for dinner. I must admit I love the ease of crockpot meals and when I saw the recipe for Honey Apple Pork Loin I was sold. I found it on pintrist but, it is from a crossfit paleo diet blog. It was a super easy meal and I happened to have everything for it on hand already. Joe and I loved it! So much that I will be taking the lazy route tonight and having it for dinner again.

I highly suggest trying it out!



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