Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Am I Mom Enough?

Am I Mom enough?

That is such a tough question that I am sure many moms battle with.

 We see moms on TV that fit right back into their size 2 skinny jeans just weeks after popping their precious child out. Most women are lucky if they can fit back into size 10 let alone 2~! Real moms that happen to juggle work, family life, and keeping a perfectly tidy home while making brownies for the PTA meeting are not real moms... are they? Please tell me they are just the moms that we see everyday on TV and in tabloids!

I just hope that I can raise a child that understands that:
  1.  Books are made of paper and not  E-Readers
  2. I am not perfect and neither is she
  3. Mom and Dad had lives before baby and will have lives during and after baby
  4. Baby will not ALWAYs be the center of our universe
  5. Old people are pretty cool... listen to them.. they have stories that we could never imagine
  6. Enjoyment is not just from materialistic things... small things count BIG TIME
Check out this article on boston.com for more of AM I MOM ENOUGH?

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