Friday, November 30, 2012

Feeling Better

I woke up today feeling much better. I still look like the famous reindeer but I can BREATHE! Joe has been fantastic dealing with my sick and lazy self these past few days. Unfortunatly, Miss. Olivia woke up all stuffy this morning ... Oddly enough I found it fun using the "thing" to suck all of the gross stuff out of her nose. She was full of smiles the whole time too!

I was productive today somewhat productive today.  I wrapped Christmas gifts. Added pretty ribbons and embellishments. Olivia stood sat guard in her wonderful Bumbo seat...

 She was making sure her Daddy couldnt get a sneak peak at his gifts.

I even got around to dusting the tables in the livingroom. Joe will be so proud when I tell him when he gets home from work. He finds it amusing when I gloat about the small housework I had done during the day. Speaking of which... Since I'm not working I'm trying to find ways to save money. I stumbled upon  DIY Homemade Febreeze . Super easy! I can't wait to try it out !!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sniff Sniff... Cough... Sneeze

Welcome to the tropics  walk in freezer!

Last night I decided to go to bed before Sons of Anarchy which hasnt happened in a while. My head was killing me. I guess it was my body's way to telling me that I was sick. I woke up this morning with a splitting headache, the chills and such a stuffy nose. My daughter is only three months but I'm sure she things I'm Rudolph.
Thankfully, my love came to my aid this morning. He took care of the baby and let me sleep on the couch undisturbed. He was trying to be quiet in the kitchen but ended up creating a DISASTER. The kitchen drawer fell out and made a mess everywhere. Atleast he is learning to be handy and fixed that rather quickly. He made me some broth with orzo because he knew I wasn't even going to attempt to leave my island of blankets, vicks vapor rub filled tissue box , and a sea of used tissues on the floor and coffee table.
I feel like I won the Mom of the Year Award because somehow I managed to drag myself off of the couch and took a shower. I actually figured shaving my legs would make me feel better... Oh how I was wrong.  Right now I feel like I have a hangover on a tropical island in a walk in freezer. Just give me five minutes and I'm sure I'll be in the tropics again. I would do anything for my daughter's bouncy seat that vibrates and plays soft relaxing music but,  that won't happen because I refuse to get off the couch and my darling Joe isn't a magician.

So three more hours of holding down the tropical island in my livingroom untill Joe gets home from work.
How do you moms do this with more than one child... or even a toddler???

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Welcome to my blog!

My name is Amanda and I live in cold New Hampshire with my fiance Joe and our beautiful daughter Olivia. I never thought that I would end up being a stay at home mom so join me as I learn to be a domesticated mom... Hopefully I can learn to cook well enough so my daughter doesnt grow up thinking chicken nuggets  ( which are in the oven as we speak) are a food group.

I never thought that I would be a stay at home mom. With a college degree and my workaholic mindset I always said as soon as I became a mom I would head right back to work." Daycare....Yes, Please! Sign the baby up!" I had a job lined up and it fell through at the last minute so I was bummed that I had to end up staying home. Don't get me wrong... I love kids.. My degree is in Education but, I'm just not the domesticated type. The cooking, cleaning  and homemaking that comes along with being a SAHM just isnt me. Here I am three months later doing the mom thing while my finance heads to work every night. I am honestly trying to adapt to the cooking and cleaning thing but it is TOUGH!

Thankfully we have worked out a plan. Phew! He takes care of cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom and I do laundry, dusting, vaccuming and the cooking.  And we split baby things really well. I am so lucky blessed to have a man who is willing and LOVES to do the baby thing... feeding, diapers, reading to her.. I dont even have to ask..he is all over it. It is  truely amazing watching the bond between Daddy and Daughter grow.

My beautiful daughter Olivia is three months old now and this SAHM thing is slowly starting to grow on me. So join me on this wonderful journey... I would love to hear  feedback and advice from other SAHM's.