Friday, November 30, 2012

Feeling Better

I woke up today feeling much better. I still look like the famous reindeer but I can BREATHE! Joe has been fantastic dealing with my sick and lazy self these past few days. Unfortunatly, Miss. Olivia woke up all stuffy this morning ... Oddly enough I found it fun using the "thing" to suck all of the gross stuff out of her nose. She was full of smiles the whole time too!

I was productive today somewhat productive today.  I wrapped Christmas gifts. Added pretty ribbons and embellishments. Olivia stood sat guard in her wonderful Bumbo seat...

 She was making sure her Daddy couldnt get a sneak peak at his gifts.

I even got around to dusting the tables in the livingroom. Joe will be so proud when I tell him when he gets home from work. He finds it amusing when I gloat about the small housework I had done during the day. Speaking of which... Since I'm not working I'm trying to find ways to save money. I stumbled upon  DIY Homemade Febreeze . Super easy! I can't wait to try it out !!!

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