Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Smell of Bananas

Today, Joe stumbled upon an interesting smell in our kitchen basket. This basket I speak of keeps our bread and fruit organized on our counter. He found a bunch of spoiled spotted bananas and claimed they were stinky. I didn't believe him. I personally feel that they are ONLY spotted . He must have been sneakily trying to get me to make Banana Bread which is his favorite.

So the nice lady I am decided to pick up on the hint and make homemade Banana Bread. This was the first time I have attempted to make any sort of bread that DIDN'T come from a box. I always figured that bread making was a complicated processes since they sell so many easy options to grab at the grocery store. To my surprise it is extremly  miraculously simple! I used the recipe I found from the foodnetwork online 

 MUCH, MUCH, MUCH cheaper than purchasing the boxed make it your self version. And I must say... my condo smells FAB!

I feel super productive today. Made banana bread, addressed Christmas cards and dropped them in the mail box and cleaned up the kitchen. Now I am watching Eloise at Christmas while Olivia kicks around on her .playmat.

I'm thinking of going above and beyond by making porkchops in the oven for when he gets in from work.... Any good recipes besides shake and bake?

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  1. Hey, found your blog. Glad to see from your first post to the latest one you seem less reluctant :-)
    I know one thing for sure: Olivia is a blessed little girl to have her very own mom and dad taking care of her instead of a daycare worker who is only there for the $, even the best daycare worker can't and won't love and nurture her like you guys can and do! Your bread looks yummy, and so much more healthy than a processed box mix! Looking forward to "following" you, Amanda.